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"Proudly we served & Today We Reunite; Although our ships have gone away; Our memories will never fade; The USS Lang will live forever;   These are her stories."

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The USS Lang Association is a non-profit organization to reunite Lang Vets and share memories.  We sincerely appreciate your continued support to the USS Lang Association.  Membership fee is $20.00 per year.  The association fees are used for the website's maintenance.

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Please mail $20 membership fee and/or donations in the form of a check/money order to: 

Paul T Newport

C/O Coronado Mail & Parcel Center
1033 B Avenue, Ste 101
Coronado, CA 92118-3439

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                                USS Lang Official Members

Thomas Brys, Sr - 1/13/11
Dan Ingouf - 1/18/11
Tom Newport - 1/18/11 
James Irwin
- 3/21/11
Donald Lumb
- 4/7/11
Dave Sanderson - 6/9/11
Frank Curci - 6/9/11
Rick Hall - 6/9/11
Sam Schiff - 6/9/11
Brian McLrty - 6/9/11
Harv Dyer - 7/23/11




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